Dynamic QR Code – Advantages and Disadvantages

Updated: June 5, 2024


Dynamic QR codes are intelligent and flexible tools for information sharing. Unlike typical QR codes with fixed content, dynamic QR codes allow you to alter the link or material they point to even after they are printed or shared. You don’t need a new QR code to change your promos, website, or contact information. They are perfect for businesses and marketers who must keep their content current and track how many people scan their codes. Dynamic QR codes make it easy to stay connected and provide the most up-to-date information to your audience.

How Does a Dynamic QR Code Work?

A dynamic QR code utilizes special links that we can update anytime. When someone scans the dynamic QR code with their smartphone, their browser reads the short link and redirects to the current destination we set. You can also finalize the destination without changing the dynamic QR code itself. You can easily up to date the content at any time. You can scan the QR code and reach the place you want.

QR Code Dynamic Advantages

Dynamic QR Codes offer different benefits, such as updates, trackable analytics, improved security, enhanced user engagement, and cost efficiency.

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Real-time Updates Content

Real-time updates make changes or updates instantly. For example, updating the destination link using dynamic QR codes immediately makes the updated data available. This allows users always to access the most current content. 

Show Trackable Analytics

Trackable analytics allow you to view data about your QR code’s usage. For instance, you can track the frequency of code scans, the locations of the scans, and the devices people use, especially with dynamic QR codes. This information helps you understand your audience and see how well your QR code performs.

Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Dynamic QR code integrates with customers and other users. Collect data (location, device type, IP address) and other information. It helps to understand customer behaviour.

Improved User Security

Improved security means better protection for your information and users. You can add attributes like password protection or encryption with dynamic QR codes. This ensures that only a person with the right can access the content behind the QR code, making it safer to share sensitive or essential information.

qr code dynamic advantages

Enhanced User Engagement

Enhanced user engagement means making interactions more exciting and enjoyable. Updating the content that dynamic QR codes frequently connect to lets you keep it current and relevant. This encourages users to scan the code more often, interact with the new content, and stay connected with your brand or message.


Cost-efficiency means getting the best results without spending a lot of money. Dynamic QR codes are cost-efficient because you can update the information they link to without reprinting the QR code itself. This saves money on printing new materials and reduces waste, making it a thrift choice for businesses and marketers.

Sales Enablement

QR codes on product packaging can link to information, how-to-use, feedback, and product features. Two months ago, I bought a fish toy. I saw a QR code on its packaging. Then, I scanned the code on my smartphone; I found the video about the toy fish.

QR Code Dynamic Disadvantages

Dynamic QR Codes have many Disadvantages, such as reliance on a poor internet connection, subscription fees, manage complexity, the potential for errors, and limited durability.

Reliance on Internet Connection

Reliance on an internet connection means that dynamic QR codes need the internet to work correctly. When someone scans a dynamic QR code, it uses the internet to redirect to the updated content. Without an internet connection or a poor internet connection, the QR code won’t be able to take the user to the right place, which can be a problem in areas with poor or no internet access.

Costly Subscription Fees

Subscription fees refer to regular payments to use a service or access its features. With dynamic QR codes, some services may require a subscription fee to create and manage your QR codes. A subscription fee for advanced features or tracking capabilities makes them a valuable investment for businesses that rely on dynamic QR codes for marketing or information sharing.

Management Complexity

Complexity refers to how intricate something is to understand or use. The setup and management processes of dynamic QR codes can be complex. Managing dynamic QR codes and updating content can be more complicated than managing static QR codes, requiring additional time and resources.

Privacy Concerns

Dynamic QR codes track user information, which can increase privacy issues. Users are not satisfied that any device tracks their personal information, so they can hesitate to scan the QR code.

qr code dynamic disadvantages

Potential for Errors

Potential for errors means there’s a chance of mistakes or problems when using dynamic QR codes. These errors might include typos in the destination link, incorrect settings, or scanning issues with the QR code generation process. Additionally, users may encounter irrelevant information if the content linked to the QR code is not regularly updated or maintained. 

Limited Durability

Limited durability refers to maintaining QR codes’ functionality, especially in physical environments or materials prone to wear and tear. Dynamic QR codes printed on materials such as paper or cardboard may degrade over time due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, or physical damage. This can make the QR code unreadable or ineffective at redirecting users to the intended content. 

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Brand Reputation Risk

A dynamic QR code is malicious and can harm a brand’s reputation. A user with a security issue due to scanning the QR code may lose the brand’s trust.

Conclusion about QR Dynamic Code

Dynamic QR codes offer versatile tools that allow users to share and update content easily. Unlike static QR codes, dynamic codes enable users to be changed after they’re created, making them ideal for businesses and marketers who need to keep their content current. While they have several advantages, such as flexibility, trackability, and enhanced security, drawbacks include reliance on an internet connection, subscription fees, and potential complexity. Improved user engagement makes dynamic QR codes valuable in today’s digital world.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a QR photo scanner?

A QR photo scanner is a tool or app that allows you to scan from images rather than using a live camera feed. These scanners can analyze images to detect and decode QR codes.

How do you create a QR code for WeChat?

You can use online QR code generation tools or apps to create a QR code for WeChat. Input the desired information, such as your WeChat profile link or contact details, and generate a QR code to share or promote your WeChat account.

How do you generate QR codes in Excel?

To generate QR codes in Excel, you can use online QR code generation tools to input data and download the QR code image. You can then insert the image into an Excel spreadsheet for sharing or printing.

What are 5-star QR codes?

There is no standard or recognized term for “5-star QR codes.” It may refer to high-quality QR codes that are well-designed, error-free, and user-friendly.

How do you create dynamic qr codes?

QR code creation technologies with dynamic features create dynamic QR codes. These tools allow users to update the data encoded in a QR code without altering it. These tools typically provide options for content management and tracking.

Are there free options for creating dynamic QR codes?

Yes, there are free options for creating dynamic QR codes using websites or apps that offer QR code generation services. However, these tools may have limitations on usage or features compared to premium versions.

Dynamic QR codes: what are they?

Dynamic QR codes are those whose content may be changed or updated after creation. It allows for flexibility in updating information without creating new QR codes.

Why are businesses employing dynamic QR codes, and how do they operate?

Dynamic QR codes redirect users to a URL that can be changed or updated by the code creator. Businesses use dynamic codes for promotions, tracking user engagement, modifying content, and analyzing user behaviour to optimize marketing strategies and campaigns.

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