What is a QR Code Scanner? Its Types and Features

Updated: June 7, 2024


A two-dimensional barcode with data storage is called a QR code. Often referred to as “Quick Response Codes. The QR code is used for marketing, advertising, ticketing, payment processing, and information exchange. You can use a smartphone or specific QR code reader, and your QR code scans to provide access to websites, offers, phone numbers, and more.

What is a QR Code, and How Does it Work?

Here’s how a QR code scanner typically works step by step:

  1. Launching the Scanner
  2. Positioning the QR Code
  3. Scanning the Code
  4. Interpreting the Data
  5. Taking Action

Using a QR code reader or scanner, The scanner app will analyze the pattern of squares within the QR code and decode the information stored in it. The app will interpret the encoded data, which can include:

  • Opening a website
  • Displaying text
  • Adding a contact to your address book
  • Performing other actions based on the information stored in the code

Types of QR Code Scanner

Look at here; there are some common types of QR code scanners.

qr code scanner

Static QR Codes

Because they contain set information, static QR codes are frequently employed for straightforward activities like sending people to a website URL, exchanging contact details, or displaying text. The encoded data of a static QR code cannot be changed after it has been created.

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes can be modified after creation, allowing for real-time updates and tracking of user interactions. They are ideal for marketing campaigns, event promotions, and any scenario where information may need to be changed or updated.

QR Codes for URLs

URL QR codes point consumers to a particular webpage or online resource. They carry web addresses. These codes are frequently used in advertising, product packaging, and business cards to direct people to a website or landing page.

dynamic qr code

Contact QR Codes

The QR code contains the user’s contact information, including their contact number, email address, name, job title, etc. It can be easily scanned and added to the user’s phone contacts, making it easy to facilitate business networking and information sharing.

Payments for QR Code

Nowadays, QR codes are mainly used for mobile payments; users scan the code with a smartphone to make purchases, send money, make online shopping payments, access contact information, and pay bills.

Features of QR Code Scanner

Look at the different features of the QR code scanner here.

whatsapp web qr code scanning

Fast Scanning Speed

QR codes are designed for lightning-fast scanning and decoding. They can be read from any angle, which speeds up the process compared to traditional barcodes requiring precise alignment. This fast scanning speed makes QR codes ideal for applications where efficiency is critical, such as retail checkouts and ticketing systems.

Versatility of QR code Scanner

QR codes can be used in different applications, from simple tasks like opening URLs to more complex functions like making payments or storing personal health information. They can be printed on different surfaces, including paper, plastic, and fabric, and scanned using different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and dedicated QR code readers.


Adding logos, colors, and designs to QR codes does not affect their functioning. This allows companies to use QR codes for marketing and operational purposes without compromising their brand identity. Personalized QR codes can improve their visual appeal and attract more users to scan them, increasing interaction and engagement.

contact qr code

Conclusion about QR Code Scanner

QR codes come in different types: static, dynamic, URL, contact, and payment. Each type presents specific purposes and applications. Due to their fast and effective means of user engagement, QR codes have become a crucial component of digital marketing campaigns, payment processing, and digital communication. QR codes benefit companies, marketers, businesses, and individuals who want to improve customer experiences by using technology to communicate and commerce. Organizations can use this technology to connect with audiences and achieve their marketing business objectives by understanding the different types of QR codes and their uses.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you scan a qr code on Android?

After opening a QR code, you typically point your Android device’s camera at it to scan it.

Where is the QR code located?

QR codes are found on many things, including digital documents, business cards, posters, product packaging, and websites.

How do you use WhatsApp with a QR code?

To use a QR code with WhatsApp, you can typically include WhatsApp linking on your phone’s web browser. Then, you can use your smartphone to link WhatsApp’s web version to your account.

What purpose does a QR code serve?

A QR code can convey information quickly and easily, access websites and online content, make payments, or provide more information about a good or service.

What can be done if there is no QR code?

If no QR code is available, you can manually search for the desired information or content by typing in the relevant keywords or website addresses.

What is the QR code for Bharat?

The Indian government developed the Bharat QR code to promote digital payments and enable interoperability among payment networks.

What is the full form of QR code?

The (Quick Response Code) is the full form of QR.

A QR code reader: what is it?

A QR code reader is software or an application that can scan, read, and decode the data.

How does a QR code scan work?

Scanning a QR code involves using a camera or an app to capture the code,  process the image, decode the stored information, and perform related actions, like opening a URL or displaying text.

What is an IQ code scanner?

There is no standard term or known definition for an “IQ code scanner.” It may refer to a specific type of QR code scanner or a potentially unfamiliar term in the context of barcodes.

What is an example of a QR code?

An example of a QR code is a code found on product packaging that, when scanned, directs the user to the product’s website for more information or promotions. For example, when I scanned my baby toy, I found the toy’s video.

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