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Updated: February 12, 2024


Input Components of Computer

Input devices are the parts of a computer that allow interaction and give commands. Some common input devices are keyboards, which we use to type, and mice, which we use to click and select things on the screen. There are also microphones for recording sound and scanners for copying documents into the computer. These devices help us control the computer and enter information easily. These input components enable users to interact with computers, input data, and control software applications to perform various tasks and operations.

Some Common Computer Input Components are the Following

Some common computer input components include the keyboard for typing, the mouse for clicking and selecting, the microphone for recording sound, and the scanner for copying documents into the computer. These devices make it easy to interact with and control the computer.


A keyboard is a typical input device computers use to process commands and enter text. It is one of the main input methods for computers. The keyboard’s keys for letters, numbers, symbols, and functions let users enter text, commands, and shortcuts.


One kind of pointing device that allows users to move the pointer. It usually consists of buttons and a scroll wheel to engage with software applications, navigate graphical user interfaces, and select items.


A touchpad is a touch-sensitive surface found on laptops. It substitutes for a mouse and detects finger movements and gestures, allowing users to navigate and interact with the computer’s interface.


Some computers, especially tablets, smartphones, laptops, all-in-one computers, kiosks, ATMs, and information displays, allow users to interact directly with the screen by touching it. Touchscreen displays allow direct and intuitive manipulation of on-screen objects, unlike classic displays, which require input devices like a keyboard or mouse.


A stylus is a handheld tool for inputting commands, drawing, writing, or selecting items on a touchscreen device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or touchscreen-enabled computer. It typically resembles a pen or pencil in shape and size, with a pointed tip that interacts with the touchscreen surface. Styluses are commonly used by artists, designers, note-takers, and individuals who prefer handwriting or drawing on digital devices.

Image input devices, Stylus


A microphone is a device that uses electrical impulses to translate sound waves into recordings or transmissions of sound. It includes a transducer element, which transforms sound energy into electrical signals. These signals are then captured for voice commands, speech recognition, and audio recording, allowing the sounds to be recorded, amplified, and sent to other devices.


An input device that captures video for video calls, conferencing, and images streams live or recorded video footage to the computer. It facilitates video conferencing, online chatting, and recording for various purposes.

Barcode Scanner

Input device that reads barcodes for inventory management and retail transactions. A scanner converts physical documents, images, or objects into digital formats that can be stored, edited, or manipulated on the computer. It captures images or text using optical sensors and translates them into digital data.

Controller for Games

A gaming controller is a device for interacting with computers or video games. It is an input device used for playing video games, and it has buttons, joysticks, triggers for interaction, analog sticks, and sometimes motion-sensing capabilities. It allows players to control the actions of characters or objects within the game world.

Graphics Tablets

Artists, designers, and illustrators use graphics tablets, sometimes called pen tablets, digitizing tablets, or drawing tablets, as input devices to produce digital artwork directly on a computer. With a stylus or digital pen on a flat, pressure-sensitive surface, users of graphics tablets can draw, paint, and alter digital images in contrast to traditional drawing instruments like pencils and paper.

Conclusion Input Components of Computer

The various input components of a computer play a vital role in how users interact with their devices and input data for processing. Understanding the functionalities and uses of these input devices can help users optimize their workflow, improve efficiency, and enhance their overall computing experience. By familiarizing yourself with the different input components available, you can choose the most suitable devices for your needs and make the most out of your computer system.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are input and output devices on a PC the same?

A computer system consists of input and output devices.

What kinds of devices are inputs?

These devices include computer keyboards, mice, scanners, digital cameras, microphones, and trackballs.

A scanner is an input or output device?

One type of device used for input is a scanner.

What input methods are available on a computer keyboard?

Typing, function, and unique keys like the Enter and Shift keys are examples of input devices on a computer keyboard.

Is the mouse an input device?

Yes, the mouse is an input device.

What is the input unit of a computer?

These units of a computer are typically composed of various input devices.

Names of input devices in a computer?

Names of input devices in a computer include keyboards, mouse, scanners, joysticks, and webcams.

20 instances of input devices, please.

20 different types of devices include MIDI computer keyboards, card readers, touchscreens, simple scanners, joysticks, digital cameras in computers, microphones, fingerprint scanners, graphics tablets, barcode scanners, webcams, game controllers, trackballs, and light and digital pens.

What does the term “input device” mean?

An input device is a hardware component that lets people communicate with computers by entering commands or data.

Which types of devices are used as input?

Among these devices are a mouse, barcode scanners, webcams, microphones, and a stylus.

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