All Shortcut Keys of Microsoft Windows, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint A to Z

Updated: January 29, 2024


Computer Shortcut Keys All

Some of the basic shortcut keys of the computer. There are many more depending on the operating system and program. They perform basic computer tasks such as editing, deleting, copying, pasting, & text selection. You can see a list of all computer shortcut keys A to Z.

Let’s Start Computer Shortcut Keys A to Z

  • A – CTRL + A: Select all.
  • B – CTRL + B: Bold (in my text editor).
  • C- CTRL + C: Copy.
  • D – CTRL +D: Bookmark a webpage (in some browsers). 
  • E – CTRL +E: Center text ( in some text editors).
  • F – CTRL + F: Find.
  • G – CTRL + G: Go to a specific page or line.
  • H – CTRL +H: Replace.
  • I – CTRL + I: Italicize( in my text editors).
  • J – CTRL+ J: Justify text (in some text editors).
  • K – CTRL + K: Create a hyperlink ( in some text editors).
  • L – CTRL + L: Left align text ( in some text editors).
  • M – CTRL + M: Indent ( in some text editors).
  • N – CTRL + N: New document or windows.
  • O – CTRL + O: Open a file.
  • P – CTRL + P: Print.
  • Q – CTRL + Q: Quit or exit an application.
  • R – CTRL +R: Refresh a webpage( in some browsers) 
  • S – CTRL + S: Save.
  • T – CTRL + T: Open a new tab (in some web browsers).
  • U – CTRL +U: Underline ( in many text editors).
  • V – CTRL +V: Paste.
  • W – CTRL +W: close a program’s current windows or document
  • X – CTRL+ X: Cut.
  • Y – CTRL + Y: Redo.
  • Z – CTRL + Z: Undo.

All Shortcut Keys of Computer

The basic shortcut keys are simple combinations of keyboard keys. They make using a computer faster and easier. Learning the basic shortcut keys that are helpful can make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Shortcut Keys of Microsoft Windows

  1. Ctrl +Z: You can Undo the last deleted process with these keywords.
  2. Ctrl+ Y: You can Redo the last action word with these keywords.
  3. CTRL+ A: Select all content or text you can control or find text or documents in a browser
  4. Ctrl + F: With these keywords, you can find text or items in a document or browser
  5. Ctrl + O: Open an exciting document or file. 
  6. Ctrl +W: Close the current window or Tab.

Shortcut Keys of Excel

MS Excel is a powerful tool. It is mainly used for simple calculations and more complex data analysis. It is ideal for revising or editing data, transforming a single piece of information into a complete, comprehensive sheet.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys are as Follows

  1. Ctrl+ Q: Quit or close the current program or application.
  2. Ctrl +W: Close the current window or Tab.
  3. Windows key + D: Show desktop or minimize all open windows.
  4. Alt + Tab: When you press the keys, the switch between open applications or windows.
  5. Windows key+ L: When you have locked the computer, they are switched by the user.
  6. Windows key + E: Open an explorer on the computer when a file is closed.

Shortcut Keys of MS Word

Microsoft Word is the fundamental part of computer software. It creates simple-looking data to polish and organize documents. With shortcuts like Ctrl +S to save your work, Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V to effortlessly copy and paste, and the classic Ctrl +B add emphasis.

It makes typing MS Word easier and more enjoyable for the user. Let’s check out the table of shortcut keys in MS Word.

  1. Ctrl + O: Open an exciting document or file.
  2. Ctrl + S: Remember to save your document or file when you are finished typing. 
  3. Ctrl + P: When you are finished printing, remember to Print your document and save the file.
  4. Ctrl + C: Kept the Copy of the selected text or item. 
  5. Ctrl + X: Cut all text or items.
  6. Ctrl + V: Paste copied or document. You can cut your text or item.
  7. Ctrl + N: You can open a new document or window.

Shortcut Keys of PowerPoint

All Computer Shortcut keys are also used in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want each command to perform quickly. Given the table of PowerPoint shortcut keys are as follows:

  1. Ctrl + B: You should boldly put the text when an important word comes up.
  2. Ctrl +U: When there is any necessary text, Underline this line.
  3. Ctrl + I: Fortunately, my Italicized text is selected.
  4. Ctrl + N: Do you know if we can create a document and a new presentation?
  5. Ctrl + O: With the help of keys, we can open an exciting presentation.
  6. Ctrl + S: Save the current presentation, which means we save our content in one file.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the shortcut key in the computer? 

A key is a combination on a computer. When a button is pressed at one time, they perform a task more quickly.

What are shortcut keys for the computer? 

Switch between open apps Alt + Tab.

  1.  CTRL+A (command on Windows + A) Select
  2. CTRL +X (command on Windows + X) Cut.
  3. CTRL+ O (command on windows + O) Open
Q5. What is a computer’s basic shortcut key?

Ans: The computer’s basic shortcut keys such as CTRL, Alt, and Shift

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