Privacy Policy

Updated: January 28, 2024


Welcome to Computer Guide Online’s privacy policy page. This page outlines our policies about collecting, using, and disclosing the personal information we receive from users of Computer Guide Online.

Information We Collect

Personal Information

When you sign up for Computer Guide Online, we may include your name, email address, contact or identity, payment details, and other relevant information. We can use your private data to communicate with you, and we will provide your customer support.

Usage Data

We can collect your personal information because of how you are using our website, referring to your (IP) stands Internet protocol address, browser types, device type, and visits you all pages. We may use usage data to analyze the trends, improve our website, and increase user experience.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Cookies are the smallest amount of data files. These cookies are commonly used as unknown unique identifiers. We use cookies to improve our services and collect information about how you use our website. You can’t use parts of our website if you refuse our cookies.

Sharing Your Information

Explain why you collect the user’s personal information, such as account creation, order processing, and other purposes; if you share user information with third parties, like service providers, advertisers, and partners, that is clearly in your private policy.


Security means your privacy, which is very important. Be sure your personal information will not be shared with others. While we strive to save your personal information, it will not be secure.

Privacy of Children’s

Our website services are not intended for individuals of a certain age. If you know how to collect information from children, could you explain the types of information collected? The parents can review, edit, or delete this information.

Change to the Privacy Policy

We can update or change our private matters at any time. Users are responsible for regularly checking or updating the policy. They inform through direct notifications, emails, and prominently on your website.

Please replace Computer Guide Online with the appropriate information. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to consult a legal professional to ensure your privacy policy meets all requirements.